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t's very likely that if you read this post, you are already breaking out of the collective mind that your parents and friends subscribe to. Also, I assume that you are reading this post about escaping the matrix because you want to completely break out of the collective mind the majority of people are ruled by.


For you to completely escape this collective reality, you first need to know how people get into it. It starts from the very early years of a human life. The child learns the concepts of matrix from his/her parents because they have been completely programmed to live within it. These concepts are further reinforced in the kindergarten, where he/she is shown that we should learn from the external world, especially the authority, rather than discover the truths within.


Then children go to school, where rules of life are established: that mind is more important than spirit; the false history of the world is instilled in their brains so that their reasoning would be false; again, the obedience to the authority – this time to the teachers and the headmaster, is further reinforced.


Finally teenagers enter universities, where they further grow their ego, submit to authorities and erase the memory of their souls through the use of mind only. Then comes work, the slavery that the humans were many years (through kindergartens, schools and universities) trained to submit to willingly.


So here is goes – all our lives were spent for subscribing to the matrix and not seeing through it. And so most people do this perfectly – they never wake up.


But some of us do. Some of us, after years of conditioning still hear the silent call of the spirit and decide to follow it, despite the fears and public pressure. That's a key to free yourself entirely from the matrix of lies – you have to keep listening to the call of your soul and do what it tells you to.


Despite your fear you have to do what you heart tells you. Fear keeps you in the matrix whilst doing what your spirit tells you frees you from it. When you have a problem, stop and look within. Wait for the solution to appear in signs. Follow the signs until you find the solution. Forget how problem solving was taught in your university or whatever. Always start from within.


Like the hermit Shiva in Hindu relition, shut your eyes to the external world and be more interested in what's going on inside you. Don't concern yourself with things happening around you but change from inside, so that this change would be reflected externally. Changing things outside is the wrong way of going about your problems – it's the same as trying to separate milk already mixed with water.


I remember taking time to think what I would like my life in India to look like. And I came up with this. I live in a beautiful house with the man I love. In the morning I drink a cup of masala chai (Indian spiced tea) and work on my laptop. Then I do yoga on the rooftop, overlooking palm trees. I get some nice Indian food in the restaurant, together with a freshly squeezed juice. I come back home and light some candles and incense for meditation. My home is decorated the Indian way – with detailed dark colored carpets and beautiful curtains. Sometimes I drink chai on one of the carpets and read a spiritual book.


I forgot about this intention until a few days ago, when I realised that everything – to the very detail – materialised. This realisation came to me one evening when I was drinking chai on a beautiful mat in my home.


I created this reality not by changing anything in my surroundings, but by changing my mind.


I will end this post in a more unusual note this time. I don't listen to the pop music much because of the embedded subliminals and stimulation of only low chakras, but there's one song I really resonate with which tells exactly the same thing as I wrote about here – that you can find the truth and success and thus escape the matrix only by looking inside you.


Here it is, I hope it will inspire you as much as thousands of other people.



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