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On September 22, 2010, with the departure of the Expedition 23 crew, Colonel Douglas H. Wheelock assumed command of the International Space Station and the Expedition 25 crew. He is also known as@Astro_Wheels on twitter, where he has been tweeting pictures to his followers since he arrived at the space station.

2010年9月22日,曾经的国际空间站第23远征队成员,现担任国际空间站指挥官的道格拉斯.H. 惠洛克再次成为第25远征队成员并执行飞行任务。他在Twitter上以@Astro_Wheels 而闻名,用这个帐号他给他的粉丝发布到达空间站时拍摄的照片。

We thought that we should put some of them together as a tribute to him and the whole ISS crew. The images bring breathtaking views from our only off planet Vista point. The following pictures are all visible on Astro_Wheels' twitpic account and for these we are eternally grateful to him for sharing these with the world. The captions are all his own words. [29 Pictures]

我们便把其中的一些照片集中在一起,并向他和空间站全体工作人员表示敬意。这些图像中美的令人窒息的景色只有在太空才能看见。下面的这些图片都来自Astro_Wheels的twitpic 账户,对于他向全世界人民分享这些壮丽影像,我们将永远向他致敬!图注均为他的原话。


5197443918 dfc0ec94b3 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock

1.Go Discovery! It was October 23, 2007 at 11:40am EST when I had my first ride to space on Discovery. She's beautiful… just sad that this will be her last voyage. Looking forward to climbing aboard the flight deck when Discovery arrives at the Space Station in November. (9-23-2010)


5197443986 d131538678 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock

2'Earthshine'… The Space Station basking in blue Earthshine as the rising sun pierces our razor-thin atmosphere to cover the Space Station with blue light. I'll never forget this place…seeing this makes the heart soar and the soul sing (11-7-2010).


jsc2010e132513 Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock

3.NASA astronaut Douglas H. Wheelock (NASA)

3.这就是主人公——美国宇航员道格拉斯.H. 惠洛克(Douglas H. Wheelock)。

5196843603 822b7e3493 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
4. Isle Juan de Nova in the Mozambique Channel between Madagascar and the African mainland. The beautiful colors rival the amazing places in the Caribbean (11-15-2010).


5196972891 ff78a23ff2 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
5.Aurora Borealis in the distance on this beautiful night over Europe. The Strait of Dover is pretty clear as is Paris, the City of Lights. A little fog over the western part of England and London. It is incredible to see the lights of the cities and small towns against the backdrop of deep space. I am going to miss this view of our wonderful world… (11-8-2010)


5196845631 49cc500592 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
6. "Fly me to the Moon…let me dance among the Stars…" I hope we never lose our sense of wonder. A passion for exploration and discovery is a noble legacy to leave to our children. I hope we set our sails and venture out one day. That will be one glorious day… (8-22-2010)


5196845579 967cfeca08 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
7.Of all the places on our glorious planet, few rival the brilliant colors of The Bahamas. Here is a view of our Progress-37 re-supply spacecraft, with the islands of The Bahamas as a backdrop. What a wonderful world (8-22-2010)!

7.在我们这个缤纷的星球上,很少地方能与巴哈马的绚丽多彩相比美。这是补给飞船Progress-37以巴哈马群岛为背景拍摄的影像,这是个多么美好的世界啊!  (8-22-2010)

5196845503 c1d6f4c2c6 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
8.Traveling at 17,500 miles per hour (5 miles per second)…we orbit the Earth every 90 minutes, with a sunrise or sunset every 45 minutes. So half of our space walk is in complete darkness. The helmet lights are essential at the work sight. Here I am getting the bail drive lever ready for my arch nemesis…the 'M3 Ammonia Connector'. The dance begins (8-14-2010).


5196845451 734cd52165 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
9. Every moment I get to look out the window at our beautiful planet, my soul just sings!!…"I see skies of blue…and clouds of white…the bright blessed day…" (6-29-2010)


5197445636 ee1ba96c09 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
10. Another breathtaking sunset…we get 16 of these each day in Earth orbit, each one a treasured moment. That beautiful thin blue line is what makes our home so special in the cosmos. Space is cool…but, the Earth is a raging explosion of life in a vast sea of darkness (6-21-2010).


5196845273 2f7caed03f b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Beautiful atoll in the South Pacific through a 400mm lens. About 1200 miles south of Honolulu . In the 'Line Islands' along 'Christmas Ridge', either 'Teraina' or 'Tabuaeran'? (11-15-2010)


5196845171 208849e58c b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Beautiful reflection of sunlight on the eastern Mediterranean Sea. No borders or conflict visible from space…just breath-taking beauty like this view of the island of Cyprus (6-21-2010).


5197445442 b69a8d5da6 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Out over the central Atlantic, just before another spectacular sunset, with the spiral bands of Hurricane Earl visible in the setting sun. An interesting view of the life-giving energy of our sun. The solar arrays on the port side of the Space Station as well as Hurricane Earl…both gathering the last bit of energy before they fall into eclipse (8-30-2010).


5197445118 a39a784db2 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Just a little further to the east, we spotted sacred and majestic 'Uluru'. You may recognize it by its more popular name of 'Ayers Rock'. I have never had the opportunity to visit Australia, but one glorious day, I hope to be standing amazed beside this natural wonder. Can't wait to read your thoughts of 'Uluru' (10-26-2010).


5197445020 06a28630bf b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Morning breaking over the majestic Andes in South America . I really am not sure of the name of this mountain…just was in awe of its majesty, reaching into the windswept heights and the rising sun. Another day… another chance to stand tall and be counted (10-30-2010).


5197444836 82e29c6c2d b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Over the Sahara Desert approaching ancient lands and thousands of years of history. The Nile River flowing through Egypt past the pyramids of Giza up to Cairo in the delta; the Red Sea, Sinai Peninsula, Dead Sea; Jordan River; and the Sea of Galilee are visible, as are the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea and Greece coming over the horizon (9-6-2010).


5197444958 2c91b9ee4c b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
A night view of the Nile River winding up through the Egyptian desert toward the Mediterranean Sea, and Cairo in the river delta. Such a stark contrast between the dark desolate lifeless desert of northern Africa and the Nile River teeming with life along its shores. In the distance… the eastern Mediterranean on a beautiful autumn evening (1-31-2010).


5196844415 6c895f8e9c b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Our 'Progress 39P' unmanned resupply spaceship on final approach for docking this past Sunday. It was laden with food, fuel, spare parts, and much needed supplies for our orbiting outpost. The greatest gift was just inside the hatch…some bags of fresh fruit and vegetables. Such a wonderful treat after 3 months of eating out of tubes and plastic pouches (9-15-2010)!

18.上个周日,我们的无人驾驶补给飞船"Progress 39P"与空间站对接。它满载食物,燃料,零部件以及环形轨道前哨急需的物资。最好的礼物在它的船舱里…几包新鲜的水果和蔬菜。在连续3个月都在吃管里和塑料袋里的食物,吃上一顿蔬菜是多么美味的大餐!(9-15-2010)

5197444646 de4012dee9 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Wanted to share this view out of the Cupola. We said farewell to our teammates Sasha, Misha and Tracy this weekend and they are safely back on planet Earth. Tracy in quiet reflection of an incredible journey…homeward bound…(9-26-2010)


5197444580 bb96c62967 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Soyuz 23S, "Olympus" docked to the nadir side of the Space Station. This will be our ride back home to planet Earth when our work is complete here. Thought I would tweet this view out of the Cupola, as we were passing over the majestic snow-capped Caucuses. The sun rising and reflecting off the Caspian Sea (9-26-2010).

20.联盟23S"奥林巴斯"号停靠在空间站的最下端。我们在这次任务完成之后,将乘坐她返回地球。当我们穿过雄伟的白雪皑皑的高加索山脉的时候,我会推一张从顶部拍摄的照片,太阳刚刚升起,里海的水面上波光粼粼。 (9-26-2010)

5197444500 13a2f32598 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
An explosion of color, motion, and life painted on the canvas of our wonderful world. This is a section of the Great Barrier Reef off the eastern coast of Australia, captured through a 1200mm lens. I think even the great Impressionists would be awestruck with this natural display (8-22-2010).


5197444414 4e9fc42dc8 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
s  The beauty of Italy, on a clear summer night, stretching out into the Mediterranean Sea. You can see many of the beautiful islands lit up and adorning the coastline including Capri, Sicily, and Malta. The city of Naples and Mt. Vesuvius stand out along the coast. Viva Esperia (8-22-2010)!

22."S"形的意大利美女!在一个无比晴朗的夏季夜晚,意大利尽情展现在地中海上。你可以看到许多美丽的小岛上的点点灯光,心中无比的艳羡卡普里,西西里岛和马耳他这些海岸城市,那不勒斯和维苏威火山在海岸线上算是鹤立鸡群。Esperia万岁! (8-22-2010)

5197444274 f855066766 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
At the southern end of South America lies the jewel of Patagonia. The awe-inspiring beauty of rugged mountains, massive glaciers, fjords, and the open sea collide in a breathtaking display. I have dreams of this place and wonder what it would be like to breathe this air. Pure majesty (8-28-2010)!


5197444166 b60e71306c b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
The 'Cupola', attached to the nadir side of the Space Station, gives a panoramic view of our beautiful planet. Fyodor took this picture from the window of the Russian Docking Compartment (Airlock). Here I am in the Cupola preparing a camera for our late evening Hurricane Earl flyover…trying to capture the moment…(8-31-2010)


5196843845 cc986e98c7 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
The Isles of Greece during a clear night pass over Europe. Athens shining brightly along the Mediterranean Sea. A very surreal feeling to view the splendor of this ancient land from outer space (9-4-2010).


5196972967 2c9961623a b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
A clear starry night over the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea . Ancient lands with thousands of years of history stretching from Athens, Greece all the way around the Med to Cairo, Egypt. Storied lands, fabled cities, and alluring islands… Athens – Crete – Rhodes – Izmir – Ankara – Cyprus – Damascus – Beirut – Haifa – Amman – Tel Aviv – Jerusalem – Cairo are beacons on this cool November night. Grace and Peace from the sanctity of space… (11-7-2010)

27.地中海东部尽头星光闪闪的夜晚。拥有数千年历史的古老土地,从希腊的雅典延伸到埃及开罗。传奇的土地,传说中的城市以及迷人的岛屿…雅典 - 克里特 - 罗德 - 伊兹密尔 - 安卡拉 - 塞浦路斯 - 大马士革 - 贝鲁特 - 海法 - 安曼 - 特拉维夫 - 耶路撒冷 - 开罗,都是这个凉爽的11月夜晚的灯塔。在神圣的太空中祝愿天惠与和平撒满人间。(11-7-2010)

5196998289 472e663ac4 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
It is the season for viewing Polar Mesospheric Clouds, and with our high beta-angle we were able to capture this thin layer of noctilucent clouds at sunset (6-25-2010).


5197598400 c5457c1c67 b Incredible Pics from ISS by NASA astronaut Wheelock
Shannon, me, and Fyodor all suited up in our Sokol (Russian word for 'Falcon') pressure suits in the Russian MRM-1 module. We strapped into our Soyuz capsule 'Olympus' to conduct pressurization and leak checks on our suits. All systems 'go'… the countdown to landing has begun. Leave a light on for us… we'll be home soon… (11-20-2010)

29.Shannon, 我和Fyodor在俄罗斯MRM-1独立舱中都穿上了Sokol 航天服。我们把自己束缚在联盟号飞行舱"奥林巴斯"内,对宇航服进行加压和泄漏检查。所有的系统运行正常,准备着陆的倒计时已经开始,有盏灯为我们而亮…我们马上就要回家了…(11-20-2010)











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